Monday, November 2, 2015

6 Ways to Protect Your Reputation on Social Media

#1. Verify Everything You share on Social Media. False information and inaccurate news spread like wildfire. Avoid having your brand trapped in viral false bits of news and information as this can cost your business not only huge sums of money but respect and trust from your clients. Verifying your content also guides brands to avert situations of being derailed from their core communication mission.
#2. Form Relationships Before You Sell.Use Social Media for making & nurturing Connections with a long term perspective. Selling is very important in all businesses but you do not want your brand to be a solo sale business and find yourself kicked out of business tomorrow. Brands need to understand that creation of strong and effective relationships enhance customer loyalty.

#3. Respond to Customers Quickly. Social Media is not Email; people who reach out to you expect prompt responses. The reason your fans and clients turn to Social Media is because they expect timely feedback in response to their questions, queries and inquiries.  
#4. Post Consistently. Set a frequency for posting, Use online services like Buffer to schedule your Posts. We all hate strangers who are one hit makers, your audience loves to hear your message frequently and consistently.

#5. Face Your Critics. Keep your response positive, be clear and state facts, Apologize if necessary. The most important aspect is providing answers and creating the reassurance to those that are starting to doubt the credibility of your business/brand. Avoid creating argumentative conversations on your timeline instead request the offended to send you their phone contact so you can listen and engage them to understand their distress.   
#6. Automate Responsibly. Welcome new followers with a non- spammy direct message. People hate Robots, be human.
Your Personal Takeaways. Social Media posts move fast, If not handled with care they can destroy and kill brands. A reputation that took decades to build can be threatened by a single event.
By Mwebya Fred

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