Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10 Tips to Organically Grow your Business Social Media following.

#1. Optimize your social media profiles.Incorporate the right keywords that describe your business, contacts and website link. Ensure to simplify

#2. Use your analytics to determine frequency and timing of posts. Social media is a 24/7 beast but not all your followers are active.

#3. Post a good mix original and external content.Post relevant articles, posts, blogs, and news for your followers & fans on Social Media.

#4. Follow the “90-10 rule while posting on Social Media” 90% of your content should be valuable and 10% promotional. Do not over Promote.

#5. Showcase your brand's character socially, Post about Company events, employee highlights & some of the general happenings around your Brand.

#6. Localize your brand content. Your clients attach more meaning to Social Media content that is focused at addressing their Everyday issues.

#7. Engage, engage and engage! Be responsive when people comment on your posts (even if it is negative) and like/retweet/share other brand’s content as well.

#8. Use social media icons and sharing buttons. Email newsletters, blog posts, email signatures all are great places to include social icons.

#9. Repost engaging and non-engaging content. If TV & Radio adverts are repeated hundreds of times and so is Social Media marketing content. This will take care of new followers and fans.

#10. Be supportive to your customers and followers. Post available opportunities in your organization like jobs, contracts and projects.
By Mwebya Fred 

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