Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#UgamanTips: Top 10 Social Media Secrets to Success

It’s with great inclination that I share with you 10 of my top Social Media secrets that will bring success to your personal brand and Business. Social Media is a tool which we all need to learn how we can maximize it and leverage on our businesses and brands. The following are my top 10 social media secrets;

#UgamanTips #1 Social Media is not a trend. It’s a tool that facilitates communication just like a phone sms, Email but more efficiently. 

#UgamanTips #2 Be Selective on which Social Media Platforms you adopt. Dont go for every platform because you will lose Consistence on all.

#UgamanTips #3 Find The best Social Media Platform that works best for your Region and Industry. Various Platforms work best differently

#UgamanTips #4 Traditional Marketing is not Dead; Even after adopting a Social Media Strategy, Traditional media is still Key in Business

#UgamanTips #5 Factor in the Influencers in both your Region & Industry. Experts in different fields usually have well Established Audiences

 #UgamanTips #6 Be ready to learn How Social Media works. Attend influencer meet ups, Social Networking Events, Read and Ensure to Listen

#UgamanTips #7 Create a Thoughtful Social Media Profile; Take Your profile Serious and do your best to fill it out Completely.

#UgamanTips #8 Upload Nice & genuine Profile Pictures. Avoid using your pets,cars or animations. Be human by using clear Portraits.

#UgamanTips #9 Learn the Proper Networking language at Social Events. Expose your expertise and ask if it’s possible to connect on Social with other experts.

#UgamanTips #10 Forget Everything Else but Do not forget to Listen and Endorse. To listen is to "look/Read", To Endorse is to Appreciate.

Social Media can always deliver great results as long as you keep it professional and learn how it works. I now hand over to you to share more tips that can help brands grow on social media. 

By Mwebya Fred

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