Thursday, June 25, 2015

#SMDayKla15, Time to Raise Awareness and Connect Communities.

I am very thrilled that I will be attending the biggest Social Media Event in Uganda, The Social Media Day Kampala come 27 June 2015. However not with the usual focus of taking selfies and hot shots but rather passing on my ideas on how social media can be used to raise awareness and connecting societies. I feel society needs to embrace and appreciate social media as a tool that can facilitate the spread of awareness about the social challenges that are connected to the social order.

For many years, several of us have used social media to bring our friends and family closer and made a few new friends and acquaintances through those that we relate with on Social Media. Now that social media is widely used by many private and government organizations to reach out to communities, it’s high time we focused our  attention to the many challenges that affect individuals in society like diseases, poor health systems, poor sanitation and Hygiene to mention but a few. June has been a great month full of lessons after dedicating time to join People living with Albinism on June 13thand attending the Sickle Cell awareness Conference at Hotel Africana Kampala on June 19th. I was deeply touched by what many people that have no single crew on how to use social media are still struggling to fit in society due to the rampant segregation and discrimination tendencies.

Having spent a few years trying and learning what works with social media through blogging and creating content that can help a fellow youth become better, I have now added another objective to my social media life to amplify campaigns and challenges the common man faces but are usually ignored. As I prepare myself to attend the Social Media Day on 27th June 2015 this is the message that I will share with my fellow bloggers.

Like many organizations and companies have been able to attain massive success through the use of social media in terms of improving their services through efficient marketing and customer care. The social media fraternity in Uganda also has the power to cause change in society by becoming the voice for the voiceless in society and raising awareness about the challenges that hinder community development. One thing that stands to cause success is that if we as Bloggers and the Social Media community join and combine our efforts towards making society a better place, there will be no other result apart from attaining Success. 

The possibilities of creating the #AskYourLeader, #AsYourDoctor and many hash tags that bring service providers closer to the people to have effective engagement is a brilliant way of raising issues to policy makers and key stake holders that directly or indirectly impact on the quality of services the common person in Uganda and world over receive. 
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By Mwebya Fred

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