Monday, May 18, 2015

I Still Believe In Agriculture As a Way of Transforming Our Economy.

Historically, few issues have attracted the attention of economists as has the role of agriculture in economic development and poverty reduction, generating an enormous literature of both theoretical and empirical studies. Much of this literature focuses on the process of structural transformation of economies, from the least developed in which economic activity is based largely on agriculture, to high-income countries where industry and services sectors dominate

For Uganda as a nation needs to recognize that agriculture can turn our economy from a poor economy to a middle income economy. It’s everyone’s wish that their economy transforms from one stage to another but it’s also very important to recognize the factors that have for years supported your economy. The industrial and service sectors are key in development but continuous improvement the economy back bone is the most important.

It’s always crucial to understand that modern economies have all been pushed to where they are because of proper utilization of their economical back ground, it’s not until we learn to recognize that The Ugandan economy needs to recognize agriculture and even invest more into the modern agriculture method, our efforts to transform from a poor economy to middle income economy will be futile. I was so impressed when the insurance companies in Uganda realized the importance of Agriculture and set up the Agriculture insurance policy which insures agriculture. I greatly feel this is the way to go as a nation

I further want to express my sincere thanks to the vision group of companies together with their partners like DFCU Bank. They have truly driven the dreams of Farmers in our country to a better level of carrying out Agriculture. This is very evident from the numerous programs that always run on their different radio and TV stations. In addition to that they have continuously published very insightful literature in their Newspapers for all Ugandans to access this information about modern farming. 

 I cannot forget the fact that now outstanding Ugandan farmers have been given opportunities of even travelling abroad to further their Agricultural knowledge. This is what motivates even the small scale farmers to work hard and improve on the quality of their produce. The improvement in the quality agricultural output brings a direct enlargement of the agricultural products market.

I cannot really put down my Pen before I say thank you to whoever initiated the Bonna Bagagawale Project, translated “Let All get Rich” I have many times listened to the Presidents speeches and he has tirelessly called upon homesteads to engage in agriculture. Having homesteads participate in agriculture does not only provide enough food for consumption but also can provide a steady income that can sustain the home. My only concern is the inefficient agricultural knowledge that some of these communities that receive seedlings and animals have. I therefore call upon those in charge to set up agricultural training committees at the village level to teach and train some of these people that receive animals and seedlings.

I still believe that once agriculture develops to a level that can fully generate income then all other sectors will start to pull up faster than today.    

By Mwebya Fred (BSci.Fin)

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