Thursday, June 6, 2013


Sadly, in college classes today, few students learn the leadership skills they need for their future jobs or to serve their communities.  In most universities, the development of student leadership skills is not part of the academic curriculum but relegated to “extra-curricular” activities — i.e., it is regarded as part of students’ non-academic activities in clubs and organizations.

Today countries across the world cry of poor economic performance as a major challenge today, in spite of the fact that the tough economic times are biting hard today,the Fact is countries lose billions of money to corrupt government officials. In my culture there is a saying that you can not start climbing a tree from the branches and you expect to have a successful end.

Quite often i hold conversations with my peers as we discuss what the possible causes of poor leadership could be and the most definite answer is  poor upbringing of individuals but to me i say its as a result of poor leadership training while still in schools. Culture is a very huge word but it defines the core values of a given group of people from different regions of the world, its erosion is another factor why the world still faces heavy burdens of self centered leaders who do not value other people.
Believe me not, there is great need to train students leaders the value of good leadership in the prospering of societies.

                                                               Mwebya Fred

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