Friday, October 19, 2012

Watch Your Attitude

  oh yeah this is another very interesting aspect as far as customer care and treatment is concerned.Attitude is a very unique element and the reason for this is that its all expressed by humans and humans vary in so many ways.

Whether on phone or face to face conversations ,attitude is very important a factor to watch.
But what does attitude really contain;

Bringing It All Together
If you are on the phone without the proper attitude of acting in the spirit of service and understanding, then you will not be projecting the proper pacing, volume, inflection, and intensity called for by the situation.

*Inviting with a Smile
When the phone rings, always smile when you say hello. The difference in the position of your lips will greatly affect your perceived attitude. A smile helps you say hello in a relaxed manner that acts as an invitation for the customer to come into your world.
*A New Attitude
A terse hello represents a small crack in the door through which the customer must squeeze if he has any chance of really communicating with you.
Your attitude will set the stage for the entire interaction and will play a large part in its overall success.

                                                                 By Mwebya Fred 

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