Thursday, October 18, 2012


Pacing Your Speech
How you pace your speech helps to paint a picture in your client's mind.
Speaking too fast is an indication that you want to get off the phone and you really don't care whether the customer understands you.
What you may consider as speaking too slowly may be considered as too fast by people from different parts of the country and world.

*Matching the Pace
It's important that you match your pace to the pace of your customer.
If you and your customer are both communicating at different rates, the communication probably isn't going to be successful

Not Too Loud, Not Too Soft
Your volume needs to be adequate for you to be clearly understood, not over-exaggerated or yelling.
However, raising your voice, modestly, at certain times serves as a tool for reinforcing a theme and expressing enthusiasm for an idea

Having these elements at the back of your mind is very important,do not ignore any of them.Next we shall discuss the element of inflection and emotions.

                                                                                By Mwebya Fred

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