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Having looked at the first set of elements yesterday,here is another coverage of inflection and emotions towards a customer or client. Inflection simply means the variation of tones when talking to a customer.
Emotions is the behavior exhibited before a customer in form of attitude.

: Paint with Inflection

Monotones Are Boring
Would you want to listen to someone who spoke in a constant monotone?
Your words can paint pictures for people and convey reassurance or helpfulness through your voice
 inflection — the highs and lows in your voice. 

*Not Inflected
Imagine hearing this phrase with all the words being communicated the same way....
"I really like you."

Now, imagine hearing the same phrase with the word
 really being said in a manner that reflects a stronger sense of urgency....
 really like you! 

*Inflection Conveys Interest
Inflected words indicate your level of interest in the customers' problems. Use a variety of inflections to adequately paint the picture you want your customer to see. Inflection is another way to convey your interest in your customer. Do you see and hear the difference between the inflected and noninflected? 

A good customer service representative adjusts her pace or speed of talking to match the pace of the customer.
She adjusts the volume to ensure the message is heard, uses
 inflection to signify highs and lows, maintains intensity to give the highs and lows the proper effect, and makes sure her attitude is proper at all times. 
: Levels of IntensityEmotion
Different situations call for different levels of emotion.
A customer who has just had a catastrophic experience with your product will probably show a great deal of emotion.
If you respond in a really low-key manner, your customer may think you don't care.

*Match Level of Emotion
Just as you must match the volume to the situation, you must also match the emotion to the situation. Otherwise, you're singing a different tune from the one your customer is giving you.

While you should display a caring emotion for your customer, don't get caught up in their hysteria.
When you have an attitude of calm grounded in concern and a willingness to help, your calm won't be mistaken for lack of concern.

we shall look more at how attitude is a very important element as far as customer care is concerned.

                                                By Mwebya Fred

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